Krampus Beer started out as a tiny home-brewer in the 1990s. Without much else than a passion for craft beer and a desire to do it the right way. The company has grown steadily ever since, and we became a professional beer company in 2003.

At Krampus Beer, we take otherwise useless and undrinkable water and turn it into precious and wonderful craft beer, thus not only creating excellent beer but doing it in a climate-friendly way. Much like the mythological figure of Krampus on one hand, we want to punish the wicked people who drink boring industrial beer, while on the other hand rewarding those who care for the fine craftsmanship that is involved in creating the best possible beer around. With tens of thousands of choices of beer to choose from, we think you should “Choose Wisely”.

Our goal is to supply the entire world with our amazing crafted beer. At Krampus, we want to make sure that people are able to choose wisely and not get punished by the spirit of Krampus for their poor choices. We want the best for the lovers and consumers of beer out there.